The Perfect Curtains

We finally have curtains!! That was one of the first things I wanted to add to the "to-do" list when we bought the house, but because it didn't seem important compared to painting, installing the shed and just getting settled in a new house, it was slowly pushed to the bottom of the list.  

After 8 months, and cheap old blinds breaking room by room, we finally had enough and ripped them all down. At first I only wanted window treatments in the living room and master bedroom—give me all the natural light. In reality, you notice how many windows everyone can look through when you're trying to go from the shower to the laundry room for clean clothes...

Original and beautiful, mid-century windows.

If we didn't live in town and have neighbors at arms length away on all sides of us, I wouldn't have curtains or maybe just have sheer curtains. I love natural light and I hate hiding it. The windows in our home are beautiful! Big and long mid-century windows. They are original to the home and probably not energy efficient, but they do just fine and we love them.


Before we moved in, you couldn't see the windows from the road. The landscape was so overgrown and we didn't realize how big the windows actually were until we toured the inside. Once we walked in, we were sold. Literally. But more on that later.

Our windows are not centered on the wall. It's only slightly annoying. But because the windows are extremely close to the built-ins and there's not a ton of room between the ceiling and window trim, I wanted a simple curtain rod. Nothing super fancy, and one without decorative finials.

I accent with black throughout the house, so the matte black rods with end caps was the perfect solution for us. And as we all know, hang your rods above the window trim and slightly out past the sides of your windows. It will make the room appear bigger and walls longer.

For the living room we went with off-white, tab top, linen curtains. They are the perfect mix of light and airy during the day and privacy at night. The trim and built-ins are painted stark white. But our floors and area rug both have off-white mixed in, so the curtains really tie-in. We also used this style curtain in the bedrooms.

In the dining room we used a similar curtain, but it was more sheer and had a really cute detail in the panels. Again, nothing crazy but enough to differentiate between the two areas. We ordered 96" in length for both areas, so they are a little long. I should probably hem them, but we will see if that ever happens. For now, I'll enjoy them as they are.

Happy Friday, friends!  


Quarantine has honestly been great for our budget. We cut out a lot of extra spending and recouped and redirected parts of the budget to our savings, and to accommodate our current living situation. Less money for gas, more money for groceries. Less money for dining out, more money in our savings. But we were also pulling funds for our "home" budget. While we were both home, like everyone else, we wanted to knock out a few DIY projects. Everything was ordered online (Amazon), quarantined outside, and sprayed with lysol.

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