Hiding Outdoor Eyesores

Hiding Outdoor Eyesores

I bet you can think of one area or thing that's a complete and total eyesore around your house. Am I right? I know I can think of a few not so pretty or appealing places around my house that I would love to take care of. But you know what they say - the painters house always needs painting! This was our solution for hiding the not so appealing, outdoor meters. 

The Beginning

This was our starting place. Kara and Josh created a beautiful outdoor living space. The only area they weren't happy with was the exposed meter box and pipes.

Kara had noticed a few of our previous custom projects that had unique geometric patterns and she wanted to incorporate something similar in their space.

This was a first for my little team, but I knew we could build something to solve their problem and provide the statement piece they were looking for.

So one afternoon I picked up my dad and we drove over to Kara and Josh's home. We checked out the space, asked our questions, and came up with a rough game plan. The moment my dad shut the car door to leave, he looked at me and said, "I don't know about this Taylor..." but that's how our greatest adventures always start. 

The Building Process

After sending over the proposal and going over all the details, we were ready to build! We had 3 goals with this build:

1. Completely hide the meters and pipes.
>>Solution: We built a movable wall that is suspended from the ceiling. The width of the wall fit perfectly between the outdoor kitchen and steps. The length allowed the wall to move over the second step to ensure that the meters were completely accessible.
2. Make the meters accessible with no barriers.
>>Solution: We installed a ball bearing track system for easy movement. Thanks to Ethan, we created a custom magnetic lock system to keep the wall from involuntary movement. 
3. Create a statement piece that flows with the space.
>>Solution: We based the design off of existing lines found in the space. Example: Horizontal lines found on the backdoor. Diagonal lines found in stone work.

Building the base. Because this piece would be suspended from the ceiling, we wanted to make sure that the base was secure and sturdy to hold it's weight.

Finished design! We wanted to do a simple pattern, but also add in a little flare. Our next step was finding the perfect stain color.

I tried several stain options and finally settled on Varathane Weathered Wood Accelerator for the main area of the wall and black stain for the sides and back. Not only did it physically fit perfectly in the space, but visually too. The black was the perfect accent and the accelerator brought out the warm brown tones in the wood. 

The wall was so big that majority of the time during the building process, it was moved outside of the shop. Riley made sure to supervise each and every work day. 

Finished Product

This project was a dream come true and I'm so happy with how it turned out. It's completely functional, but provides a beautiful statement piece that flows with the space. I love helping others create, and even finish, spaces they love! No matter how big or small the issue/worry/stumbling block may be, there's always a solution!

Let's Work Together!
Do you have a project in mind and you're not sure how to get started or where to get started? There's not a project too big or small. We can figure it out together! So, let's chat - I'm happy to help! 

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