Our FAQs about scroll saw work!

1. How much is a scrolled piece? Now that we have this handy dandy website, you can now order online! You can customize your piece and see pricing immediately through the online store section. Check it out!

2. What is your turn around time? 2-5 weeks! We accept so many orders each month. Once that limit is full, you will be added to the list for the next month. We do accept orders months in advance. If you're ordering for a special event, it never hurts to get on our list sooner rather than later.

3. Do you ship? YES! We are currently only shipping in the United States. *During COVID19, shipping is taking longer than usual. Once it leaves our hands, we are at the mercy of freight handlers.*

4. What materials do you use? Majority of our letters are cut out of MDF and our backers are made with plywood. Materials do change from time to time upon request.

5. What's a backer? The wooden background on most of our signs. Backers are optional, but included in pricing! 

Scrolled nursery sign. "Etta Raye"

Our FAQs about barn quilts!

1. What's your turn around time? 2-5 weeks. We accept so many orders per month, and once that month is full we will add you to the list for the next month.  Around holidays we are extra busy, so turn around time may be extended.

2. What patterns can you do? Any of them! Once you order online, I will reach out and we can talk design and color options. 

3. How long do they last? We do not guarantee a time length on barn quilts. Majority of the quilts we make are outside, against all the elements. We use materials made for exterior use and seal it several times before delivery. To extend the life of your quilt, you can always re-seal after 1 year.